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M.W. Moriearty is a horror author and playwright born in Lubbock, TX. They studied creative and dramatic writing at Texas Tech University, where many of their plays have seen production. Their work has appeared recently in Black Petals Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, and Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine. They currently reside in Lubbock, TX with their partner, two daughters, and beloved cats Ned and Newt.

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DEMENT: A Texas Ghost Story

Doctor Dorothy Cobb is the country's leading expert in care of people living with dementia. After a harrowing tragedy leaves Dr. Cobb searching for a new purpose in life, she responds to a strange summons for help from Cotton Corner, a former-plantation-house-turned-nursing-home isolated in the dark Piney Woods of East Texas. Soon Dr. Cobb finds herself embroiled in a sinister mystery involving the evil history of the house and its residents... both alive and dead.

Novella, 2022

Serialized on Wattpad

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"There is something on the other side of the Sun: something inhuman and unknown occupying something dark and slender and long."

Short fiction, 2022


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Campfire Narratives

"You never liked the way the scout leader would look at you..."

Short fiction, 2022


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"Piya, I have been thinking a lot lately about tic-tac-toe..."

2020 Teaser for an upcoming project involving tic-tac-toe, romance, and the dangers of artificial intelligence.

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"The sun slides down behind the firs on the horizon, casting a long, jagged shadow that creeps along the corn fields and toward the log barricade surrounding the farm."

Short fiction, 2020

Black Petals issue 93

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Dying of Dysentary

"You  blaze the trail in vibrant cathode green..."

Poem, 2020

Dreams & Nightmares issue 116

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The Cautionary Tale of Osterhase

"Legend tells that in the olden times, as the peasants turned their back on the old practices in favor of the church, the pagan gods grew jealous."

A fun little piece of free writing posted for Easter 2020 on my blog.

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Natural Food Sources

“To his good friend thus wide, I’ll open my arms

And, like the kind, life-rendering pelican

Repast them with my blood.”

-Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Short fiction, 2019

Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

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Damaged Device

"Please replace your screens. We promise you both that it will be warmer and brighter behind your screens."

Play, 2019

riverSedge Journal of Art and Literature vol. 32, issue 1

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Flaggelate Me, Baby!

"Oh listen to you! You knew what you were doing. You can lie to the press, you can lie to the university, and you can lie to Mommy and Daddy, but you can’t lie to me Lover. We have an intimate connection."

Play, 2017

Canyon Voices Journal of Art and Literature issue 16

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A Tree for Hangin'

"O Death…

O Death…

O Death…

Won’t you spare me over ‘til another year…"

Play, 2017

riverSedge Journal of Art and Literature vol. 30, issue 1

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